Friday, January 16, 2009

{Mike & Brie's Wedding}

This couple has the ultimate level of class. Everything about their day was just beautiful. From their exit of the temple, to their dance moves at the reception, the flowers, the food, even down to the hot chocolate...just perfect.
It was also a total blast! I've never seen people break down and dance like that at a wedding, and it was so much fun. They were the ONLY event on Dec. 30th to have a view of the Salt Lake valley, and it was pretty amazing from the U of U football stadium Reception center. I'm SO glad I could be part of their day, and I absolutely loved getting to know Mike & Brie!


Maddie said...

geeze mikki, i don't know how you do it, but these are amazing! that bride is beautiful, too! i can't get over how awesome all of the pictures look tho, nice work!! :) you're MY idol hehe

TIF said...

her dress is beautiful! and her ring is too! holy cow! you've captured so many wonderful moments here, kudos.

kassy said...

oh I am IN LOVE with her ring!!!
nice work!!

Megan Gubler said...


I love the colors with this wedding they are so bright and fun. Good work!

The Dunns said...

Amazing once again!! We are so excited to see you guys when you come down to better!!!! Oh I could totally brag about the weather not only have I been wearing T-shirts I've been wearing shorts and capris!!! Hope you are having fun in the snow. It is about to get "cold" here well in the 60s!!! See you guys in about 2 weeks!!