Tuesday, October 30, 2007

{Finally, a good one}

So it would seem that there are many movies coming out- finally there's a show fit for all. I laughed, teared up, laughed more, and in the end went "aaaaaaa" (sighing...) It was great! I just might have to see it again on Saturday.
So if you're up for a heartfelt comedy, this one is a Winner!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Weight Wedding Day...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

{CLUE...evening of Mystery}

We had some awesome couples over the other night for the mysterious game of Clue. Everyone dressed up as a character of the game and there was plenty of Martinelli's "wine" going around, which made for a classy evening. So glad that everyone could come- we had a Great time!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

{Pumpkin Festivities}

Last week we bought our little pumpkin, and tonight we finally got to carve him. So Brade found the design and carved away as I made a tasty batch of Pumpkin Cookies! (Recipe compliments to Robyn Rowley). They turned out really yummy and made our house smell of October Festivities... I love this Season and all that comes w/ it!

Monday, October 22, 2007

{I've been tagged...Twice!}

So I got a double dose of tagging this last week, so for Loni & Sarah here comes the facts/habits about the "ever so interesting" Mikki Platt! I'm supposed to list 6 habits/facts about myself... Here I go:

(Not a recent photo...)

#1: I LOVE Chocolate chips. I buy them to "make cookies" but then I'll eat a whole bag throughout the week. Every time. Sad, but true. I don't think I ever really have intentions of ever even making cookies. That was my trademark as a kid and I just know my parents loved it!
#2: Sometimes I want to go into an empty High school gym and turn on my old dance team music and dance for a couple of hours. Only I don't know if I'd look that great in the ole' spandex... I don't think I'd care about that though.
#3: I secretly wish I had longer legs. I have always been short, but how would it be to have an extra 2 inches from the knee up...
#4: I should probably start planning the SCHS Class of 2003 Class Reunion...it's coming up this May- and I'm thinking it will come really quickly!
#5: My thumbs are different... one is my Mom's and one is my Dad's. (Let the jealousy continue...)
#6: I count to 11 on my fingers all the time. Those who know me, know what I mean. All the time. Even when I run, I count my steps to 11 and count over and over and over. It sometimes drives me crazy.

I am "Wedding Tagging" Malorie Ence, Kylee Fackrell, Robyn Rowley, and Loni Richards... you guys get to post your favorite pics of your wedding day i.e. bridal shots, detail shots (cake, etc.) Bride & Groom shots- show off that awesome day and share a few details too.}

Sunday, October 21, 2007

{Recipe for a Bridal Shower}

Mix Good Friends + family, add a great hostess, with a dash of wonderful food and fun games + showering the bride w/ gifts + making her blush...a little = a Great Bridal Shower! (These are from a few months back, but we are just gettin caught up w/ all our stuff... this was the greatest shower I've been to! So creative and well planned out- Martha Stewart would have been proud!)

Friday, October 19, 2007

{Christmas Cards}

There are some fun things happening around here... Along w/ family portraits, we are now offering Custom Designed Christmas Card options. I'm really excited about them, and I know they'll add the perfect touch to the upcoming Season! (More to come...so keep posted!)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

{Hopkins Wedding Day cont...}

We've just finished editing Steph & Drew's photo's and noticed a few more "momentous" shots. I love the one of her Dad kissing her goodbye as the marshmellows are mid-air w/ Drew ducking away. What a fun day, with so many awesome memories...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

{Seasonal Portraiture...The Perfect Gift}

It's getting to be that time of year again...time to whip out the Halloween Costumes, prep the house for Turkey guests, and put together Christmas present shopping lists. It's also the time for family portraits- with all the Christmas cards you'll be sending out and the fun fall time projects to be completed. Whether it's just the kids, the whole family, or the "Not quite to the kids stage" young couples... Picures are sure to give the lasting touch for the Season and for the rest of the year too, for everyone in your life. Contact Mikki for booking and price lists; space is filling up for the upcoming months. (435.862.7110 or mickleigh11@hotmail.com)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Injury

Braydon's Dad (& family) moved to San Diego a few months ago and decided to take up Cycling. He researched bikes and found the perfect one. 2 days later he met up with a car and this is what came of it. This is the most painful, black & blue bruise I've ever seen in my life. We're just glad he's ok, even though he's in a lot of pain...

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Shop, Dine, Cackle...

Gardner Village is amazing! It was freezing and rainy, but it only added to this Halloween atmosphere. Witches were everywhere, doing everything and the shops were so much fun. There was everything from crafts, to decorations, quilts, resturaunts and even the Christmas store. In about a month it will be transformed from fall time to Christmas so we'll be going back soon for sure. Steph got some Fairy dust at a fairy store and I think between the both of us we spent a bit. So maybe I won't be going back as soon as I'm hoping too... But this place captures the feelings of the holidays that I've been so excited about- the feeling was just so fun.
P.S. I love Braydon