Thursday, January 31, 2008

{Sneak Peek...More to come}

Thursday, January 24, 2008

{Heath Ledger}

To the world, Heath Ledger was an Academy Award-nominated actor with a bright professional future ahead of him. But to his daughter Matilda, he was so much more.

"She's such a daddy's girl," Calypso buyer Michelle Vella told PEOPLE. "I don't know how you tell her she's not going to see her dad again."

Vella often saw Ledger in Calypso Kids, a store near Ledger's SoHo apartment, and was always struck by his calm interactions with 2-year-old Matilda – never rushing her through the store and letting her play as long as she liked. "The way he acted with her was motherly," she explained. "You don't see men acting so comfortably and patiently with their kids. It was amazing."

In the fall, Vella remembers the duo coming in after getting ice cream. "He came in and she was finishing the ice cream and it spilled on her shirt," she said, adding that Matilda didn't like feeling "dirty." After Matilda chose a new shirt, Ledger spent time making sure it fit and that she liked it. "They were so cute [together]."

Liz Bullis, 22, observed Ledger with Matilda in Gourmet Garage, the specialty grocery store in downtown Manhattan where she works. "I saw him a couple times with his daughter," she said. "He would carry her on his shoulders."

Vella also noted that Matilda was always on her dad's shoulders. "She never walked on the street – she was always up high."

"He was one of the best fathers I've ever seen," she added. "If you saw them, you'd fall apart knowing she's not going to have that anymore."


Tomorrow I'm leaving for my first wedding of 2008. It's in St. George and hopefully the weather will hold up...I hear it's supposed to rain. But the Bride & Groom are awesome; I can't wait for these pictures and for all the fun. Pictures to come soon of this amazing day! I'm so excited!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Mere is brilliant. She is 1 of 5 girls in her family. She is smart, sweet, and has beautiful blue eyes. She seems beyond her years in a lot of things, and is a very good student, friend, and big sister to Annie and Gracie. It's crazy to think that she will graduate in a few short months. But this is a really great time in life, and she's already making awesome decisions that will effect her life for the better. We love Meredith! (And think she's really beautiful.)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

(Something old...Need Something New?}

Looked over today...started laughing at the sight of Brade's socks. I think it's time for some new pairs. The question is: where have these socks been hiding? I do enjoy the little piggy toe hanging out at the top.

Friday, January 11, 2008

{Date Night}

Last night we went to our second viewing of Dan in Real Life. Again, it is such a fun movie; we left smiling and laughing about our favorite scenes. What made it even more fun...was the BYU couple sitting next to Braydon, making out the whole time. It was awesome- I had no idea until after the movie, which I totally enjoyed. So, I guess that's fun; no shame. On another note. I am dating a Senior in College! I'm so happy for Brade; he is on his last Semester of College and I think he's pretty excited about it too. I'm just really proud of him, for all his hard work and dedication he has put into to getting his degree.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

{This is big}

Christmas break also brought with it, a little surprise...Michael & Jenna announced that they are pregnant! (Jenna is Brade's sister!) She is due in mid-August and we are all so excited! Congrats!!!! (We are really excited to be Aunts & Uncles...can't wait for this sweet baby to get here!)

Friday, January 4, 2008

{Here you have it}

Thursday, January 3, 2008

{Luttrells Forever}

Jacob, Brittany, and Jaxon were sealed as an Eternal Family, on Jan. 2nd and it was such a special day!
I'm so glad that we were there with them. They are the greatest family and Brade & I feel really blessed to be related to them! (Grandpa looks really cool in the last picture.) Hooray for Families!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

{All good things must come to an end}

Well, we returned home on Tuesday from a wonderful vacation to find that our beloved fish, Hans, had called it quits. We're not sure why he died...maybe it was because he spent most of his adult life swimming in a giant wine glass, or maybe we just didn't feed him well or maybe Brade forgot to clean his glass. What we do know: our lives are a bit lonelier without him. Hans, you were a wonderful pet; a bit boring, but pleasant. Sorry we didn't take care of you better. We hope fish heaven is taking care of you and that you are swimming freely amongst your other fishy friends. Farewell, for now.

{Big Boy Turns 1}

Levi celebrated his 1st birthday and we were lucky enough to have a little pre-party photo shoot. We started out with him and his big brother Hunter and ended up w/ a darling mess on the kitchen floor. They are the sweetest little guys and Levi just loved his blue cake. The crown says it all! I really got to laughing with these boys.

{Complete Bliss}

Burke & Teresa got married on Dec. 29th and they are the sweetest couple I've ever been around. They were constantly looking at eachother, kissing, laughing together, and enjoying every moment. It was a joy to watch them and observe the sweet love of their day. I'm so happy for them and their families! (Both families scored big time on their new additions...)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

{So this is Christmas}

Last Friday we left a freezing Provo, UT and headed for Sunny San Diego, CA. Saturday night we arrived just in time for the Platt family/neighborhood Christmas party. It was awesome! We later played basketball, went to the beach, took family pictures, made up our own version of "12 days of Christmas", opened our "Secret Santa" gifts and enjoyed a wonderful Christmas. (P.S. We got spoiled!) It was a definite fun filled week, and it was really great to spend time with Braydons family. (Beautiful 75 degree weather was nice for a change too.)

2007 has been a wonderful year; full of excitement, accomplishments, and challenges. Brade & I are definitely looking forward to 2008 and all of the things to come. Hugs & Kisses to all our friends and family! (There are so many things to catch you up on...stay tuned for about 4 weeks of updates.)