Tuesday, April 21, 2009

{Goal Setting}

Growin’ up in the Ward home, looking back, has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. I have used the things I learned in my youth countless times in my early adulthood, thus far. I remember being frustrated at times of course, like most teens or kids at home do. But I wouldn’t trade the principles taught or lessons learned for anything.

My Dad always made a point of meeting with us 5 kids on a regular basis to go over our personal goals. He would divide it into 6 area's and tell us the importance of not having all of our eggs in one basket. Well, at 23 years old, I’ve been through cycles of having all my baskets equally balanced, and times where they were all in one, and maybe even a few broken, splattered or scrambled. Today, I’m setting a goal for myself to get my life organized, to evaluate the important stuff.

So, here it is: Feel free to use this theory. It works, and makes life better. Keep things simple, start out small. ("By small and simple things are great things brought to pass"...)
P.S. Summer is right around the corner, let’s all list some things to look forward to!

6 areas of Goals:

Home: Organize closets, line up shoes:)
Business: Finish up organization for at home studio office, finish marketing
Social: Meet new people at church, have people over for game nights, say hi to more people
Physical: Go running every day, at least go walking and enjoy being outside, enjoy the world!
Spiritual: Read Scriptures daily, Pray more often, read a spiritually uplifting book, write in my journal more often (I read through my old ones on Sunday, it really is so fun to look back on the things we've been through.)
Mental: Read a book about great attitudes, Start school 5/8/09

Summer Goals:

Lose 6 pounds (just to feel a bit slimmer)
Do really well in school
Travel to Europe (This is an absolute dream come true, we’re going this summer from Aug. 4th-Aug. 18th)
Photograph life- capture photographs and moments that really matter to me (Europe is going to be amazing)
Enjoy time.
Have more fun.
Go to the swimming pool at least 1 time. (I don’t think I swam at all last year)
Go to the Beach at least 1 time (This happened 1 time last year)
Go to a concert, maybe even John Mayer again
Take on some cooking, grilling, new recipes (Be a better housewife)
Laugh more
Love more

…More to come
What about you? Any plans, excitement, goals???


Jenna Marie said...

This is great. And it makes it seem more manageable to break it up like this! I'm trying it! Thanks!

Fashionably Kate said...

I love reading other's goals, because it motivates me to do mine as well. I always try to have the four square theory: Mental, Physical,Spiritual, and Financial. I like your 6 though.

Awesome that you're going to Europe! You'll lOVE it!

T.I.D.S.A.H. said...

Great Post Mikki - I love your family. Your dad is an amazing man and a great example to all. Thanks for sharing. Love ya, Tonya

Stucki Family said...

You probably have no idea who I am, but I found your blog on my sister's (Rachel Goodwin Seely) and I am wondering if you ever make it down to St. George to take pictures. I have not had our family pictures taken since March 08. AAHHH! So, anyway let me know. Thanks! Renae Goodwin Stucki. Oh, my email is renaestucki@gmail.com

Kylee said...

Great goals! You have always done this type of stuff and I've always noticed! Very goal oriented- Love it!

Thats so exciting that you get to go to Europe! I can't wait to see some of the pictures! And how awesome is that that you are going to have a studio office! Way to go!

~shalece~ said...

Hi Mikki,
How are ya... I love your posts.. This one has me thihking I should set some goals also, never a bad idea :-)OH and thats exciting about Europe.. Cant wait to see pics

Rach said...

Great post! I LOVE your dad--he was the BEST motivational speaker {tell him I said HI by the way} I'm jealous your going to Europe but can't wait to see the pictures. what are you doing in School?

Katie said...

wait, you're going to europe in 2018? or was that a typo and suppose to be 09? You're gonna LOVE it! Where are you going?

RY & MAND WRIGHT said...

I love this post I'm going to do the same thing I need some guidance and some goals so I'm following your lead. Great goals Im really so excited for you to go to Europe it's going to be amazing !!!!!