Wednesday, April 1, 2009

{Matt & Alex Engagements}

So, take it back a few years...Matt & I grew up over the fence- he was my neighbor for probably 15 years or so, and it's been so cool to see who he ended up with. Alex is quite a gal- so pretty, sweet, a stud softball player, and a great match for Matt. I can't wait for their bridals next week; I'm just hoping SG will be warmer than the Christmas weather we're having up here:) Thanks for braving the chilly morning; I had a great time with you two lovebirds!!!


li'l mil said...

Dear Mikki,

Can you have all your subjects write down where they purchase their outfits? I feel completely unstylish and loserish looking at all these hot chicas and chicos in equally hot outfits.

Thank you.

li'l mil :)

The Stanger Fam said...

Great pics! I like the new little bird logo - totally sweet!

Tim & MyLyn Wood said...

i agree with li'l mil! I was just going to ask where she got her fabulous crystal looking necklace with that grey shirt!

Kylee said...

Cute cute...It's weird seeing Matt all grown up. Very cute couple.

I love the location. Super cool.

Jessica McAllister said...

I love these pictures, they are so amazing, you captured them in a "moment" that is the best, I love them.