Wednesday, April 8, 2009

{Deanna & Derrick Engagements}

This couple was so much fun. It was a beautiful day, one of the last for a while, so we took advantage of it feeling so good outside:) I love how they laugh together, how she snuggles up to him, how he pulled her hair out of her face. Such a sweet pair, and I'm pretty sure their counting down until the big day. Small world: Derrick served his mission with Dennis Pitta and Brian Huber that we have also photographed...the world is just smaller than we think:)


karlee said...

Know what I love about you? You always say such nice things about the people you photograph. It's really impressive. Don't ever stop, it's worth the 2 extra minutes. It beats the "this is (name and name). they are a great couple." So standard and forced that I wish they would have just posted pictures with no text.
So keep it up!

The Johnson 5 said...

You are so dang talented! I am amazed with every new post - wow! Keep it up!

Emett Family said...

Mikki-it was so wonderful we got to come spend some quality time with you and Brade the other night. I will dearly miss living so close to you!! As always your work in beautiful. I can't wait for this baby girl to arrive and then have you take updated family pics! Love ya- Shellie