Tuesday, August 19, 2008

{Oakleigh Rae Wright}

5:02 a.m. Mandi gets her epidural and finally can rest and gets somewhat comfortable

8:14 a.m. Everyone was trying to get a little power nap, Mom's had gone home to take quick showers, so I went back into the room to see how things were going. Mandi was dialated to a 7+ and once the nurse rotated her to her side things really got going. In a matter of about 20 minutes, tables were changed in and out and Mandi was ready to start pushing.

I should let Mandi tell the rest of the story, and she will once she gets feeling back to normal. But I can say that it was easily the most beautiful, spiritual, overwhelming and powerful experience I've had up to this point in my life. It was incredible to see my older sister taking care of one of her "babies". My twin was so strong and so amazing as she pushed with everything in her and by about 9:06 Oakleigh Rae Wright popped out. She is beautiful and looks like both Ryan & Mandi.
Happy Birthday Oakleigh! I can't believe how much we all love you already!!!!


cerrah said...

Holy cow! I'm so excited that she made her appearance. At the point I had caught the post yesterday I figured we were still days away. It sounds like Mandi was amazing. Congratulations to you all!

Regan and Annie Duckworth said...

Thanks for all the updates. I wondered how she was doing. Great job team!

Graham and Kate said...

Congrats! It appears that we both have nieces with the same birthday! :)

kassy said...

AWESOME! I can't wait to see that beautiful little baby on the blog :)


Mikki I just want to tell you and the family congratzzzz! And to tell you that you could also be a writer!! Thanx for the updates! tell mandi if she needs anything to give me a call!!!I'm in the ward Directory & congratzzzz!

CUFFS said...

Hey Mikki I would love some info. my e-mail is natashacuff@hotmail.com
I would be soooooooo excited to have you take my family pics...Miki your photography is AMAZING and nothing short of that. Mandi's baby is ADORABLE and no one could have caught that special moment better than you. WOW! Congrats on being an Auntie! I bet you will be her favorite, funniest, and funnest Aunt! Tell Mandi I said congrats!