Wednesday, August 27, 2008

{Layla Girl}

I hope I have kids as cool as Layla. She is such an adventurous little thing and was content just being outside discovering nature. She loved her watermelon, the rocks, some dirt, and a few flower petals. She found each of those things a tasty snack at some point of her photo shoot too. What a dolly! She destined to be quite the soccer player someday too; that girl has got a nice kick!


Graceful/Gracelynn said...

Wow! those are amazing!!! Crazy! good job!!

Chase and Nisha said...

Hey Mikki, I sent you a message on your facebook, Nikki still wants to use you for her wedding and hope you are still available, we just need to know how you want us to pay you!!

Clint, Brielle, and Molly J. said...

o so cute. You are so talented. my email is