Friday, June 13, 2008


After working a 10 hour event yesterday, the best thing in the world became a .99 cheeseburger from McDonald's with a chocolate shake at 10pm. No, it's not healthy. But it was so good. Shoes that are too small, that made me feel oriental and broken by 10pm, not so good.
I also got to work with a really great videographer for the wedding I was photographing. His name is Matt Baker, and he owns Happily Ever After Video: So if you're looking for someone to be efficient, totally fun, affordable, and give you an awesome video for your wedding day, this is your man!


Graceful/Gracelynn said...

Go mcdonalds!!! That's cool that you got to work with him!

Emett Family said...

Good for you! Way to splurge and enjoy some MckieD's (that's the nickname at our house for McDonald's) I haven't seen you for so long. When are you available to get together? - Shellie

Ash & Aust said...

I SOOO know what you mean. Sometimes something so small can just turn your whole day around :) It is so nice!