Wednesday, June 18, 2008

{mind dump}

Lots of things on my mind are a few:

I went running last night for the first time, in a long time. In 2006 Brade and I ran the St. George Marathon. Last night, 2 miles seemed really far. But I'll get there:)

Yesterday was the last time I'll ever have to wait until 9pm to see Brade. He finished up his last class, except for an online one, so I'll get to spend more time with him. That brings many smiles to my heart and face! August Graduation, here we come! It's been a long educational road- he's been in school since I've know him!

I need a vacation. So does Brade. We need to do something fun together. Hopefully our trip to Europe plays out as planned. I've been dreaming of going since the Summer of 2005, when the Platt family went out there for 3 weeks and I've heard endless awesome stories of it ever since. I can't wait to experience it for myself and appreciate new things. And of course to take the most amazing pictures ever!

I'm going to be an aunt in less than 2 months. Jenna & Mandi are due within about days of eachother, so we'll be getting 2 babies at the same time! We can't wait. Between the Platt's and Ward's, there are going to be 7 new aunts, 2 new mommies, and 4 new grandparents- Keep up the good work Jenna & Mandi; hopefully Summer won't be too warm:)

I am in serious need of some eyebrow wax. It's starting to look like animals peering through my eyelashes. Wow.

I left my wedding ring in St. George last weekend. (in a safe place-while doing dishes) and I have felt naked without it on my finger. I'm excited to get it back.

My parents have a pool now. It has been so much fun to hear about their poolside summer days. After some photo sessions last weekend, I went for a night swim with my Dad. And it was so fun. I have great parents and I am so grateful for them and their qualities, advice, friendship, and examples.

Marriage is great. Learning to save money and make wise decisions is fun.

Life is good.


Emett Family said...

Hey thanks for sharing your thoughts. You are such a genuine person and have a very sincere heart. Thank you for your positive outlook and warm compliments you share with all those who know you. I enjoy reading anything you write becuase it always flows and makes perfect sense. I can't wait to see you again!

karlee said...

oh the little bird. You are such a good person Mikki. Glad to hear you are doing well and loving life.. Its good to hear happy things.

Jimmy & Chelo said...

When I was reading through this I totally could hear your soft voice of yours saying this! Oh my gosh...I can't believe are picture days have ended, sad! You really are the sweetest and nicest person in the entire world! I'm glad that everything is goin good in your lives! You deserve it!

Graceful/Gracelynn said...

I love hearing other people's thoughts!!! sounds like you have a VERY fun life up ahead!!! Have a good summer!! Oakliegh and Abigail will be best friends!!!

kassy said...

Oh your trip sounds like it will be AMAZING!!! I would love a vacation! And your parents have a pool how fun that would be. I know how you feel about the nakedness with out your ring on, so weird huh.
PS I deleted my 1st comment about the bird, I didn't want to sound like a brat after you had edited to post :)

The Dunns said...

So when is your trip to Europe? That would be so awesome!!! You will have a blast and want to keep going back. This was a fun post to read. Loved the new posts and pictures of the cute couple!! You are very talented!!! Well, it is getting very hot I guess I'm just going to keep on keeping on.

CUFFS said...

Hey Mikki!!!!! Girl I when are you going to be in St.George? I reaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyy want you to take pics of my family. What do you say? Call me 4356687764

Graceful/Gracelynn said...

good pics mikki! I love her jewelry!! so cute! I love how you made your blog wider so you can see the detail better in all of the pictures!! Your so creative!