Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Road to Stardom!

The Luttrell's are my awesome cousins! Jacob has the most beautiful voice (sang backup for Kelly Clarkson- I met her at their wedding...) and he is the greatest Daddy in the world! His beautiful wife Brittney is just as talented too; she has always been a dancer and performed her whole life long- it was really fun to spend a few minutes with them and hear the new songs that will be out soon (just wait!) and be around their sweet little boy Jaxson! Family is so wonderful- I'm thrilled that they moved here from L.A. so we'll get to spend more time with them.
P.S. Jacob will probably be the biggest thing real soon- let me know if you'd like a sample of his stuff- he has weekend shows too that are SO entertaining...

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Meredith said...

Hi Mikki I haven't seen your pictures in forever and I keep hearing that you've been doing lots of weddings. I am excited to graduate so you can take my senior photos. They look awesome you have a lot of talent. You need to go to Europe cause there are amazing things to take pictures of. I think you would really appreciate it.
Love you and miss you