Saturday, June 2, 2007

Photo with Davina

Talk about insiration... Davina Fear finally took our pictures and I was so touched by what was captured in these shots. I love the tenderness and true love that I see when I look at them. I will treasure our pictures and I love that we now have some documentary of how we are together. It make me have butterflies when I see Brade in these pictures!
Davina was wonderful to be with; she is so down to earth and makes you feel very comfortable. I think we're planning another photo shoot with her but this time we'll be in costume... Stay tuned for that! I learned a lot of things from her that have inspired me - I can't wait for the upcoming events!


Aubrey & Garrett Frei said...

Mikki - geez! I'm looking at these different things on your pages. Where have you gone! You are so above and beyone everything. WOW! You're pictures are truely inspired. I love everyone of them. So I guess this an obvious question, but you're doing photography eh? haha. Again I have to say WOW. Love it! Anyway, you're amazing and beautiful as always. Miss you.

Abbey said...

I am so happy that I found you! May I just say your pictures are amazing! Congrats on getting married.. I didn't even know you got married.. crazy! Anyway, you look gorgeous and hopefully we can stay intouch through this wonderful world of blog eh?!
Love Abbey