Thursday, August 27, 2009

{Our Trip}

Since being married on March 17, 2006 we have been trying to make it out to Europe. This trip was somewhat of a once in a lifetime experience. So I thought about sharing with our blogging friends what we ended up doing and hope it hasn't been a Europe overload on the blog. (Braydon shot & edited almost all of these plus about 8,000 more...he's quite talented I think).

We started out in Amsterdam where we only spend a few hours and visited the Anne Frank House as well as walking around and getting some delicious pancakes. Amsterdam is also home to around 2.5 million bikes so we spent a lot of the day dodging bikers. (I actually got my arm smacked by a biker whizzing by:).

This is the bookcase that was movable that Anne Frank and her family lived behind.

Our next day we went to Belgium and took a train which was fun. In Belgium we visited the cities of Ghent and Bruges which were some of our favorites. The first night we ate at a place where locals were playing Bocce and had some fun spaghetti. It had been serving people for over 500 years.

We then went to Germany and saw some fun Castles. We took a little cruise along the Rhine River and relaxed.

The next stop on our journey was to Colmar, France. This is located in the Alsace Wine Region and was so beautiful. There was so much color and wonderful Crepes.

We spent the next 4 days in Switzerland. We stayed for two days in a place called Murten outside Bern, it was beautiful right on the lake. Our first day in Bern we went to the Cathedral there and went up 350 Steps to the top and then cooled off in the Aare River and the pools. Bern was a fabulous capital and we were very impressed by the Swiss.

After Bern we hung out in Murten which still has walls around the city and was very cool.

We also visited Avanches which contains roman ruins which were only found about 100 years ago.

On our way to the Alps, we stopped off at Lake Geneva. It is hard to describe how amazingly blue the lakes and rivers were in Switzerland but they were crystal clear. We went to the Cheateu Chillon and even went swimming by it in the lake. It was so nice and was a highlight for most.

Our next stop was at the Berner Oberland area of Switzerland which was just incredible. It is so green and the Alps looks just massive and jagged. We hiked for two days and enjoyed the views. They are pretty hard to beat.

So for the next few days after the Alps were working our way back to Amsterdam. We went to Burg Eltz which is a castle that the same family has owned for over 700 years. We then went to Cologne and saw the Cathedral which was massive and almost overwhelming. It was very impressive.

Ok and finally we got back to Amsterdam. We went to the Rijksmuseum which had several Rembrandts and Vermeers. It was an amazing experience. Rembrandt was a master at lighting and has his own lighting style named after him in photography. It was really fun to see in real life. We just loved this city. It is very interesting since Marijuana, prostitution and several things are legal here. It is also home the most educated people in the world. Amsterdam was a very smart, fun, and architecturally beautiful city.

And lastly I wanted to thank our dad Brent (aka Rick Steves), for all of his hard work on this trip. He completely planned it out perfectly and everything was so interesting and fun. We loved this trip and getting to spend time as a family in some of the most beautiful parts of Europe!


Jimmy & Chelo said...

Mikki-your pictures are absolutely beautiful! Thats so cool you guys were able to go over & experience the scenery, & lifestyle of Europe! I really hope we can go someday! Jimmy's dad goes to Belgium qutie a bit for work & his pictures definately don't show the beauty that yours have haha!

linz said...

Amazing how you were able to do all of those excellent things! I'm truly jealous. The pictures are gorgeous, but i'm sure they don't do the experience justice.

~..kass..~ said...

What an AMAZING trip it must have been! Such beautiful country :) My great grandpa was actually the mission president for Germany back in the day :) I can imagine seeing the Anne Frank stuff would be extremely emotional, at least for me it would have been. Also you look so gorgeous Mikki, and so happy :)

Megan Gubler said...

Wow it looks so pretty. How lucky are you guys to be able to go to Europe. What a great Dad planning that trip for you. You need to start selling some of your photos. They are awesome.

The Stanger Fam said...

Wow what an amazing trip!! All the places look so beautiful - thanks to your great photography. I am really jealous that you were able to go see the Anne Frank House. Glad you guys could have such a neat experience!

Megan said...

Looks beautiful! Europe is just so beautiful. What a perfect vacation for you two photographers! Your pictures are amazing!

n&e.asay said...

ok all i can say is WOW!!! so amazing and i am soooo jealous!

Jenna said...

Thanks so much for posting these!!! You guys did such a great job at capturing the scenery and our happy moments. We can't wait until we see all of them!!!

Rach said...

looks amazing--you two are both VERY talented. I'm glad you got the chance to experience that--That's awesome

Spurs said...

Wow! That is so beautiful! Europe has so many different perspectives and it is amazing all the new ones you have brought out! What a joy, thanks for sharing!

DebWalker said...

These pics are so amazing! I loved starring at them and wishing I was there and actually feeling like I was for a minute. What an awesome trip! How fun for you both. Thanks for sharing :-) DEB

Anonymous said...

The one of the boys in the water in front of the castle has to be one of my favorite pictures of all time. That was a blast. Dad. Actually the one with the girls posing in front of the grafiti is great also. Actually they are all unbelievable. It was a great trip. Dad

linzi said...

Wow - such beautiful pictures!!! You are both so talented. And how fun to experience such great times together!

beck said...

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! i want to go! Please give details. Was this a tour. I have been to eastern europe, but am dying to go back and see more. how did you hook up with this group?

RY & MAND WRIGHT said...

These pictures are so great. i wish I could have gone in your suit case and saw the many things and places you saw. What an incredible experience. You are so pretty mick by gosh. Brayd you too!!! ;) Great job on the pictures they are awesome

Bean said...

Looks like an absolutely amazing trip!

jOn and tRiciA said...

Such beautiful pics, you guys are so talented. Thanks again for takin time out of your busy day to take pics of us it was great seein ya and i cant wait to see the pics!

Avree said...

Thanks for sharing! I think you guys are soooo smart for going, I wish Matt and I had done more stuff like that before Spencer came along. I loved all the pictures, it looks like you guys saw some gorgeous places, how fun!

Kathy's Boys said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. What a fabulous trip. I'm sure Brent and Mamie loved every minute of it there whole family together. You and Braydon are so cute.

Lee S. said...

I want to cry at how your pictures want to make me drop everything and RUN to the airport!!! Just gorgeous!

Kylee said...

What an amazing experience and you guys captured it in such a breathtaking way-AWESOME!

My dad served his mission in Switzerland so I especially loved seeing your pictures you took there. I would love to go there with him someday cause I would have my own personal tour guide. :) He is still pretty fluent in French.

Also, I second what many have are so pretty and look so happy!

Sandi said...

Have you and Brade thought about working for National Geographics or a tourism magazine. Your are both so amazingly talented!
I think that these pics would make the most amazing post cards.
Awesome seriously, it looks like you have so much fun!
Thanks for Sharing!

Anonymous said...

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