Saturday, August 8, 2009

{Ghent & Bruges, Belgium}

Just wanted to post a few from the last few days. We have been in Belgium and it was just surreal. Bruges back in the 1400s was a large trading center and was bigger than Paris in its day. It is such an amazing place. We did a canal boat ride, biked around all day, carriage ride and even enjoyed some yummy belgian waffles:) enjoy.


The Stanger Fam said...

Amazing you guys - I love the lighting, hope your having a wonderful time!

beck said...

wow. amazing! i am loving that you can actually capture the amazing sights over there and so perfectly! enjoy your vacation!

Megan said...

How fun! Your pictures are amazing!

RY & MAND WRIGHT said...

What a romantic place. My gosh to bad you guys can't shoot there every day right? WOW I bet you guys are having so much fun. Love you both. Mick by the way if they have OSMO hair products will you let me know via email. I might have a request for you:) Ha ha I love you !!!

linzi said...

absolutely beautiful!

Katie said...

Your photography is incredible!

Maddie said...

mikki!! i just saw your feature on utah bride blog! that's so awesome, those pictuers are gorgeous, and it's about time they featured you! you're amazing girl, and you guys totally deserve it!!
it looks like your having fun overseas :)

karlee said...

I just saw your feature on utah bride too! wanted to say congrats! You images are lovely and I bet your business is booming! I'm happy for you Mikki. Travel Safe.

Kristen Westbrook said...

Amazing pictures! Love them

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