Thursday, June 11, 2009

{The Smith Family}

These parents both have six packs...and I know how they do it. Their little man keeps them running around constantly! About 15 minutes into their session we had all broken a sweat! Beck is such a cute little man and he runs really fast too. It was fun getting him to giggle and go for the football. I went to high school with Jessica and it was great to meet her husband and little boy. They make one rockin' family and I hope they keep having little kiddo's just like Beck. He made me realize that I need more energy in my life, and to go running more often too. Thanks for the fun evening!


Avree said...

What a cute little family! It's so fun to get on your blog and see old friends from highschool, you did such a good job on these pics Mikki!

Parker or Jessica said...

thank you so so much Mikki!! You did such a great job and im impressed you were able to keep up with the crazy Beckman! :) Your the best thanks again!

Megan Gubler said...


Love the pictures. Beck is the cutest little boy. Hope everything is going good for you.

StantonParkerSmith said...


For real, we could not be happier with the small preview of whats to come that we saw here on the blog. Cant WAIT to get the files from you and decorate our home with your work.

You really are impressive, and I appreciate your willingness to work with our crazy dude.

I need to have some professional photos taken soon for work, is that something that we can make happen..?

Call my cell sometime, lets schedule it up.


Parker Smith

n&e.asay said...

like always! you did an amazing job!

Gracie Rose said...

ADORABLE family!!! Beck is so so cute and you really captured some great moments :)

Brady and Sarah Hiatt said...

oh my Parker and my Brother were good friends in our home ward!! What a cute family he has!!! Great Pictures Mikki!!!