Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Beautiful, smart, sweet. Maggie is all of this and much, much more. She is graduating this month and is on her way to college with a full ride scholarship into the Graphics Design program. Anything she did at this session, was so model like and so natural. She is just a really beautiful girl, through and through and it was really fun to spend a few hours with her.


~..kass..~ said...

LOVE the shot from inside the car!
And yep we are here, a 3 wk vaca YAY

Marianne said...

I think this girl was one of my students!!!! haha. LOVE it Mikki!

LKP said...

WOW! oodles of kudos!!!

The Jay Morrison Family said...

Mikki - You are incredible ---oh, and Braden too ;))
Thanks for a fantastic photo shoots. We will definitely book more with you!