Friday, February 27, 2009

{Photo Contest- Please VOTE}

Hi Everyone!
I entered my sweet niece, Oakleigh, into a little photo contest-
The theme was "Love is in the Air"... so we put her in her little love bug outfit and gave her a heart balloon.

She is so sweet, and if we win, she gets a $100 gift card to the most awesome Children's Boutique- Kinderwinkel.
Go HERE to VOTE; VOTE FOR #4. (You can vote on the top right corner of their blog).
Thanks for your help!!! Voting ends March 5th, and winners are announced March 6th- so hurry on over, just a few more days.


Annie Duckworth said...

I checked out my aunts blog and I saw that picture on there. I was like wait a second...That is Mandi's girl! I was right and I totally voted for her.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

She is the CUTEST niece right? lol!

The Stanger Fam said...

She is such a cutey! Hope you guys are enjoying your new place. It was fun to get together with you guys, next time we'll have to come down there.

Tyler McGinnis said...

That's probably one of the most clever things I have seen in a while. Great picture. Hope everything went good with moving.

Avree said...

How cute! I voted for her!

Katie K. said...

This is so dang cute! You will have to tell Mandi hello for me.