Wednesday, October 29, 2008

{Jaesie & Brett}

These two met in high school and have been together ever since.
I'm so glad they'll be tying the knot in a few weeks; their day is sure to be filled with sentimental details galore!
We got really lucky with their friend Mitchel, who has a retro red truck and even made friends with some mosquito's:)
Bonus: Jaesie is a florist, so her flowers had her signature touch; so beautiful!
Such a fine pair!


Errin said...

those are gorgeous! I love the last one especially!

kathy said...

pics are amazing!! jaesie looks so beautiful (brett looks pretty handsome too) Mikki has such a talent!

gracie said...

wow!! i love the mountains and i love love love the sunset!!

Brian & Lindsay Bunker said...


You have no idea how long I have been trying to find you girl! And I am glad I did! It's Lindsay from dixie from ambassadors and rebelettes! How the heck are you! Anyways, please send me your email or something. I would love more than anything to catch up with you! Mine is and my blog is!!!



Garrison Family said...

Hey Mikki, you probably don't remember me, but I'm Darice's sister. I helped Darice when you took her girls' pictures last year. I was just wondering what program you use for your pictures? I'm trying to get into photography just for my own pictures and I LOVE your pictures so much! Also I'm sure it's your camera, but how do you do different effects to the background? Sorry to bother you! Thanks, Denae

Ben & Kirsten said...

WOW I love these! Are you just in constant demand??? You take the most amazing pictures!! I still love looking at ours all the time. We have the one of Ben dipping me at my mom's house and right in the middle of our living room! I love it! Looks like all is going well, keep up the AMAZING work!

The Kitchens said...

ok, I know that you posted about your new dansko shoes a couple weeks ago, but I just HAD to comment on that. I bought a pair of dansko shoes because i needed some comfy, non-slip, black shoes for culinary school and I LOVED them! I am sure you've tried them out and are already in love, but I swear you will love them more every day. what a great buy!