Wednesday, September 10, 2008

{Wednesday, Wednesday}

To avoid being sucked into the computer, we escaped to the "Hills are alive" mountains close to our home. The weather has been changing lately, so in hopes to find some colorful scapes, up we went. We discovered the last few moments of summer, but we'll return weekly until we capture the perfect fall portrait.

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Graceful/Gracelynn said...

very very very very very very AMAZING pictures!! Wow!! I still can't believe you took these!!!!! I've never seen nature pictures this good taken!! I love the sun flower!! so pretty! good job!

Rachel said...

Oh how I envy your incredible talent! Sorry for not getting back to you about taking some pics for us. I ended up shooting a few myself. Will post them soon. I know they do not even compare to yours but it was fun. Feel free to critique and be honest! I know I could use some pointers! :)

kassy said...

The sunflowers are my fav!

Tiffani said...

hello! I hope you don't mind but I definitely have your page marked on my blog! YOU ARE SO TALENTED. Your images are so beautiful and I look forward to seeing new ones all the time!

The Dunns said...

Loving the nature pictures. Amazing!!

Errin said...

the sunflower picture is so awesome, how in the world do you make is all weathered and old looking like that/?