Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Painted my old wood chair red, and bought this adorable fella at the ever so wonderful, Anthropologie. P.S. that is one amazing store, everything is Eye Candy, but it has potential to start fires in my wallet, so I just buy little treaures like Hootie Jr. and feel excited about it. One day, one day far way, I will have a room for Anthro only gear. But for now, it's a handpainted chair, and a small bird. Thank you.


RY & MAND WRIGHT said...

I love hootie Jr. That is so cute mick. How fun and the chair is great you did an excellent job on it. So steph and I discussed and we think that you need to go into writing. Journalism or write a book or something it is always so fun to read your stuff

Emett Family said...

The chair turned out Fabulous! The mixing of the colors really worked well. Hootie Jr. is so lucky to be chillin in such style and to have been adopted into such a loving family!!:)