Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Aaron & Tiffany

These 2 make a terrific couple! Tiffany is a "city girl" and Aaron is the "Outdoors Adventure" guy. They met almost two years ago and both enjoy traveling, brownies, and being together. They recently returned from Croatia where Tiffany met Aarons parents for the first time, who are currently serving as Mission Presidents there. After meeting the folks, the plans are still a go! The Wedding is set for September... Happy Planning!


Malorie Ence said...

You are seriously amazing! We had Nick Adams do our pic's when we got married and they did an incredible job but I wish I would have known about you! Way to go! Next time I need some pictures done I'll know who to call!

Rachel said...

seriously girl! you have to let me know when you can take my familia pictures! you are fantastic!

Kylee said...

Wow-blogger is actually letting me commment. I have had the hardest time trying to comment back to you-Its been like freezing my computer! Oh how I love technology! haha.

You are too sweet. Your comments make me feel so happy!

How much do you charge for a photo session. I would love to have you take some pics of my little fam and baby babe. Can you believe that I haven't even gotten any professional pics taken of little Auri girl! Im a rotten mother. Anyways if you are too swamped I totally understand.

Are you going to school too? What is Braydon studying?

Well have a great day!