Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More and More Photos

Here is our 2nd session of Bridals w/ Steph & Drew.
This was also the first time that Drew had seen his beautiful girl in her dress... and he didn't look half bad in his tux either. So, the day before the wedding, we cruised down to the beach and got some fun pictures. Such good friends and so sweet to eachother!


Kylee said...

Mikki!!!! I finally found you! I look for you on myspace and facebook all the time with no luck but now I know where you've been hiding!

Amazing work! You take beautiful pictures! Im jealous! I want to know how much you charge-I need to get some 6 month pics taken of Auri.

Oh I miss you!

Can I add you as a link on my page?

Jamie said...

Hi Mikk!
I am sorry to detract from steph and drew's pictures but i am just wondering if you are still ALIVE!! i am starting to worry and if i don't get a response soon then i am going to have to stop by and see for myself! we have had quite the drama and i want to hear if you have had a crazy life lately like you usually do, so call me as soon as you can ok! thanks friend

k bye!!

Jamie Nel"t"son

gracie said...

did you know kenny ortega cheorographed michael jackson? that's why he was going to come down to st. george. cool huh?

Aubrey & Garrett Frei said...

How lucky are you to be a part of all these people's lives at they start their own together. You always had such a talent for the love part...before we know it, you'll be doing the whole wedding, not just photography. Let me know if you want a partner in crime! :) Miss ya. I'll be up on the 15th

gracie said...

that's my sister and brother in you mikki!