Tuesday, September 29, 2009

{Yes, yes I did}

Just bought my pair of tickets for the Michael Jackson, THIS IS IT, theater concert show. Yes, I will probably cry, scream, smile like an idiot, and possibly pass out like originally planned for the concert in London. Braydon really is in for a treat!
But hey, it’s MJ, and I’m a huge fan.
Check out the trailer here- it’s going to be so BAD!
Did anyone else get their tickets yet?


Taylor said...

Soooo JEALOUS! I think me and Laralee are gonna go together soon. We will think of ya!

Taylor said...

By the way that was me Chelsey that just left you a comment and I have NO IDEA why it only posted as my hubby's name and not mine. Weird! I have been wanting to ask you how much you charge for pictures. I wanna get some cute family pictures done before christmas. Let me know! I love what you do.

Katie Boyack said...

LUCKY! Oh my gosh...I'm seriously so jealous. I'm so buying it when it goes to DVD.

Gracie Rose said...

oh. my. goodness. what. a. dork. :) ha ha love ya mikki! have fun!