Thursday, December 4, 2008

{Mr. & Mrs. Smith- Bridals}

We had some time before the reception, so we met up for a fun bridal session. These two remind me of J Crew models; elegant simplicity at it's best. I loved the way they were to eachother- the way they held hands, looked at eachother, just the way they were individually even. Emily's dress was custom made, and it was beautiful, just like her. They make a wonderful pair, and you'll see more of that in their wedding pictures...coming soon!


Maddie said...

Holy cow, Mikki! You are too good. . . these pictures are unbelievable. I love how unique each of your shoots are, you bring something new to each one. So awesome!

Meghan and Mitch said...

These pictures are very classy. I love them. I wish I could get married again just so you could take my pictures!

Nick & Lynnie said...

Mikki, how fun to stumble upon your website (which, by the way, is amazing - your pictures are GREAT)! This is Lynnie Gandola - used to be Lynnie Rolfe when we played volleyball together...go Warriors! Wow, I haven't seen you since graduation, I think. I hope you are doing well, and I hope you don't mind me keeping an eye on your website...your pictures seriously are amazing!