Sunday, October 7, 2007

Friday Night & The Nickel-cades

If you haven't been to the Nickel-cades on State street in Orem, you are missing out... all of the legendary games we all loved as kids still exist at this one "exciting" location! The boys played the Ninja Turtle game while Steph & I tackled the original Mario brothers and Dr. Mario- and of course I roped them into playing the "Grandma stuck in Mesquite" game where you put in $15 worth of nickels and wait for them to pour over the edge; all for a couple of yellow tickets that will get you any .50 cent toy of your choice. (Pricey habit...) The boys got foam airplanes, Steph got herself a lizard that grows in water (that eventually got soaked so long his faced disappeared), and I got a toy that shoots a ball into the air.

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Hilary Duff/HSM Lover said...

The last pic. is funny! ha ha!