Thursday, May 3, 2007

Flare it up...

These are a few shots that we took of Matt and Steph on the Pentax. I just found an awesome quote by David Beckstead whose photography I love and am inspired by:

Be different.
Take a path less traveled.
Take risks.
Develop your own style.
Learn from everything and everyone.
Create consistent artistry.

Keep shooting. Never stop!


Steph said...

Hey mick! I just wanted to tell you thanks. You do such an awesome job. I love how you capture the tender moments. You are so easy to work with, we felt totally relaxed and really enjoyed it. Thanks for taking time to shoot us! I love you!

Gracie Platt said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey braydon and Mikki,
Thanks for taking me to the mall! It was so fun! Without you I would have never came!

Gracie Platt

Loni Richards said...

Hey I'm so glad I found you!! When did you start doing photography, your pictures are awesome. Well I hope everything is going great. Check us out at