Thursday, March 22, 2007


This is a shot of a street scene in Prague which is probably my most favorite city ever. Such an amazing place!

This is a fun shot I took in Berlin, it was by this department store called KaDeWe, and it was about 6 stories and HUGE with just about anything you can imagine.

This is a picture of Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria Germany, King Ludwig II pretty much bankrupt the country building this castle. It is pretty interesting that now it is the biggest attraction in Germany and probably one of the biggest in Europe. Ludwig lived here with his Gay lover Wagner who is a famous composer. Anyways, this is also the template for the Disneyland Castle.

This is a pretty famous place. This is Checkpoint Charlie, the American Sector of Berlin during the war.

I think that I have a fascination with alleys for some reason. I thought this was a cool scene. I think that this was in southern Germany.

If you have ever seen the Sound of Music, this is where the kids are hanging on the trees when the father is going home with his rich girlfriend. Austria was so pretty.

This is a shot of the Berlin Wall, I am fascinated by Berlin, I like how this photo shows the wall with a peace sign on it, very ironic.

This is a picture of the beggars in Prague. It was really interesting to see. It is a very humble and submissive way of begging and you would see them all over the place.

When Braydon and I were first dating he left me and went to europe for 3 weeks. Here are a few pictures from that trip! Here is one of a Cathedral in Salzburg, Austria and the other is one in France of a pottery shop.

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